James Laughlin, a World Champion Snare Drummer and highly respected professional drumming teacher, has composed an eBook of pipe band snare drum scores, with accompanying audio tracks, for 50+ of the most popular Grade 1 & 2 Pipe Band drum settings.

James receives many requests for drum scores that will accompany some of the most famous bagpipe tunes played by the majority of pipe bands. James wanted to help by providing a large library of drum scores for Pipe Band drumscores.

James has a creative and musical approach to composing drum scores, his ensemble knowledge was greatly influenced by his years in the SFU Pipe Band (under J. Reid Maxwell) along with an exciting Irish twist from his days growing up in Northern Ireland amongst great players and tutors such as Andrew Scullion, Bobby Rea, Gary Moore and David Rea.


Purchase the Grade 1 and Grade 2 pipe band drum score collection and audio tracks now

What scores are included in the Grade 1 & 2 Pipe Band Drum Score digital Collection?

Finally, you can get your hands on James Laughlins Grade 1 and 2 drum score book. Packed full of the most popular band and solo tunes, this will be sure to tick everyone's box!

The ebook features 50+ scores including Marches, Hornpipes, Jigs, Strathspeys and Reels. Each drum score includes an audio recording of James performing each of the tunes. 

Alan MacPherson of Mosspark

Arniston Castle

Arran Campbell

Atholl Cummers

Balmoral Highlanders

Bet Badenoch

Biddy from Sligo

Blair Drummond

Brendan Murphy

Brown Haired Maiden

Caber Feidh

Callum Campbell of Benbecula

Captain Lachlan MacPhail of Tiree

Clan MacRae Society

Crossing the Minch

Daryl Boyle

Donald, Willie and his Dog

Donella Beaton

Dora MacLeod

Dugald McColls Farewell to France

Iain MacMaster

Inspector Donald Campbell of Ness

John MacDonald of Glencoe

John McColls March to Kilbowie Cottage

John Morrison of Assynt House

John Roy Stewart

King George V's Army

Kirsty MacCallmans Favourite

Loch Carron

Lord Alexander Kennedy

Maggie Cameron

Michael MacDonald's Jig

Miss Drummond of Perth

Mrs MacPherson of Inveran

Pipers Bonnet

Queen of the Rushes

Rathven Market

Rory MacLeod

Sandy's New Chanter

Struan Robertson

Susan McLeod

The Argyllshire Gathering

The Caledonian Society of London

The Fiddler

The Highland Wedding

The Kesh Jig

The Little Cascade

The Pivovar Express

The Smith of Chilliechassie

The Tourist

Tom McAllister

Purchase the Grade 1 and Grade 2 pipe band drum score collection and audio tracks now

What do buyers have to say?

"Instant Download, Instant Gratification. I love your fun and extensive approach to pipe band drumming. This is BY FAR the best educational tool on the market. Thank YOU!" - Mark Lawson, Scotland

 "I just downloaded "The Collection" and I have to say there is some serious hours of practise in there to be done. Magnificent work mate with the books and I cannot wait to hook in." - Jeff Tailor, Australia

 "Excellent books, and I'm glad you recorded MP3s of all the exercises. It helps that little bit more with my sight reading and it ensures that I'm playing things in the correct manner."  - Rob Reynolds, United Kingdom

 "Thanks for releasing such an awesome compliation. I will be getting my whole drum corps to purchase it!" - Don Wilmot, USA

About James Laughlin

I’m a drumming tutor, champion, author and the founder of The Pipe Band Drumming Inner Circle.

Over the past two decades, I’ve won 7 world championships which include 2x World Solo Drumming Championships - Juvenile Grade, 2x World Pipe Band Champion - with SFU Pipe Band and 3x World Pipe Band Drumming Champion - with the SFU drum corps.

I’ve been teaching Pipe Band Drumming since my early teens and have since featured as the Head of Pipe Band Drumming at St Andrews College (2006-2020) where we won the World Championships and I was the Head of Pipe Band Drumming for Otago University. I am also the Former Drumming Director of the NZ National Youth Band.

I’m the co-author of the best selling book, Our Journey. And I’ve interviewed some of the GREATS in Drumming such as Jim Kilpatrick, Tyler Fry, Chris Pollock and Gareth McLees.

Purchase the Grade 1 and Grade 2 pipe band drum score collection and audio tracks now


What is included?

You receive instant access to each of the book's in a pdf format, plus audio tracks for the relevant books.

How long will I have access to the books?

You get lifetime access.

Is there any after-purchase support?

Yes! Absolutely. James and his team will be available to help you along each and every step of your drumming journey.

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    What's included?

    79ths Farewell to Gibraltar

    Scotland The Brave

    John D Burgess

    Arthur Bignold

    Castle Dangerous

    Balmoral Highlanders

    Crossing the Minch

    Donella Beaton

    John Morrison of Assynt House

    Maggie Cameron